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Celtic Spirit Whisky Journal

Loch Fyne Scotch Whisky Review newsletter

Scotch Whisky Association Online Publications and Press Releases

The use of expert systems by United Distillers to optimize blending operations

The science of ageing whisky. (From The Economist, 21 December 2000.)

Classification of Single Malt Whiskies by Clustan (scroll down) - see also the Whisky Classified website for more details now.

Search the the UK Food Standards Agency web site for articles such as the following:
- Ethyl Carbamate In Whisky (May 2000)

Campbeltown Whisky - excerpted from Reminiscences of a Gauger by Joseph Pacy

Secrets Behind Scotch - The Next Chapter by Michael Jackson (from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, November 2000)

The Art of Being Single (from South African Sunday Times, 16 August 1998)

Check out the Massachusetts Beverage Business site archive for whisky-related articles.
Particularly note the Nov 2009 issue on Single Malt Whisky.

The Story of Ballantine's 17 Years Old (from Suntory / Allied Distillers, 1996)

Search the various magazines at Findarticles.com for whisky-related articles - some available articles include:
-Scotch Whisky Losing Drinkers At Home In Favor of Beer, Pre-MixedSpirits. (from Food & Drink Weekly, October 26 1998)

What is Whisky? by Harvey W. Wiley, 1929

The following two articles from just-drinks are abstract only; just-drinks has switched to a pay-subscription approach...

Glenmorangie and Drambuie form joint venture (2 Apr 2001)

Aberlour Continues Winning History With Several Industry Awards in 2000 (29 Nov 2000)

Is the water of life slowly draining from our glens? (by Douglas Fraser for the Sunday Herald)

Danger to drinkers from fake whisky

When Scotch lies down with vodka by Gary Regan (from SF Chronicle Jan 2003)

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