The sea lion came flopping up the beach
Ooo how cute
Roll roll down the hill
Lie down I urged him on
He started rolling and stopped
I shouted but he just lay still
I decided it was all just useless
When I was up the board walk I shouted one last time
This time he rolled right into the water
I ran to catch up with mom and dad
They were headed toward the car
Oh no not another hour in the car
Still driving
I’m very hungry
Yippee we’ve stopped for lunch
While mom and dad prepare lunch
The rest of us go exploring
Buzz buzz flies every where
Slap swat but they wouldn’t go away
We found a passage and followed it
We had to squeeze and crouch
When we stepped out
It was a sandy beach
Clear water and NO FLYS!
We rushed back
Had our lunch
Then followed the path and had a swim

By Clara Tibbetts

October, 2004

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