[Clara at the computer - three months old]

Use the Source, Luke. The Source will be with you always.

Software (the Art and Technology thereof...) Links


CETUS - Object-orientation links

Useful Hardware Links

Gary Field's SCSI Info Central (aka the SCSI FAQ Page)


Computer Security (Viruses, Hoaxes, Firewalls, SPAM, etc.) Links

Almost Every File Format in the World

PC Hell - Computer Hints and Tips to Bring you back from the edge

Unix History by Éric Lévénez

Hacker's Hall of Fame from Discovery.com

How to help someone use a computer (Phil Agre)

Wotsit's Format - File format information on hundreds of file types and all sorts of other useful programming information

How to ask questions (and get answers) on the Internet (read this page, but don't pester the authors with questions!)

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