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"The only electronic nose with the ability to speciate and measure the concentration of individual chemicals contained within odors and fragrances in just 10 seconds." See the website for various technical / white papers with details."

The following article is no longer available for free online - but I liked the quote...
From Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good (Inside the Flavor Industry) from Atlantic Monthly by Eric Schlosser

"The [International Flavors & Fragrances plant] reminded me of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Wonderful smells drifted through the hallways, men and women in neat white lab coats cheerfully went about their work, and hundreds of little glass bottles sat on laboratory tables and shelves."

Taste Illusion: Taste Sensation Localized by Touch
Work by Linda M. Bartoshuk Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery from the Riedel Crystal Co..

Classification of Aromas (from Cornell University's Understanding Wine and Beer Course

The Smallest Electronic Nose

The Physiology of Taste by Tim Jacob (Cardiff Univ.)

A tutorial on the sense of smell by Tim Jacob (Cardiff Univ.)

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