Whisk(e)y-Related Odds and Ends

What is a dram? Or a gill?

Inquiring minds probably have forgotten that they wanted to know, but the issue of liquid measures has arisen more than once. Hence, here is more than you likely care to know:

1 dram (US) = 3.696588 milliliters = 0.125 ounces (US) = 0.03125 gills (US)
1 gill (US) = 0.8326747 gills (British)
1 gill (British) = 4.803764 ounces (US) = 142.0613 milliliters = 0.25 pints (British)

I believe the questions were regarding comparisons of older measures 1/4, 1/5, and 1/6 of a gill with the new 25 and 35 ml pours.

1/4 gill = 0.25 * 142.0613 = 35.515325 ml. So you get ~ 1.5% less now.

1/5 gill = 0.20 * 142.0613 = 28.41226 ml. Worse and worse - down about 12% now.

I don't think we want to know what 1/6 gill is...

And just what is a dram? Interestingly enough, there are exactly 32 drams (US) in a gill (US). Which means that there are (32.0/0.8326757) or 38.43032767739 drams (US) per British gill (yes, I realize I am hallucinating significant digits...) Now, if I could only figure out what a dram (British) was. Perhaps 1/32 of a gill (British)...?

Reference: CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 56th Edition.

Cleansing the palate

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Great Places to Savour a Dram

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