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Australian Journal - April 2002

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March 30-April 7, 2002 - Easter: Saturday found us doing more taxes, and Sandy working on washing, trimming, and mounting the cross stitch projects for the Year 3 girls. Clara and Lucy were getting progressively more excited about "Easter Eve." Since we were all feeling a little worn out, we tried out a new Chinese - Thai restaurant nearby, then took a little drive up into the hills to "Eagle on a Hill" and Mt. Osmond. Clara, as usual, wanted to keep going further into the hills, and was in constant disagreement with Mom as to whether Tim was driving fast enough (Clara wanted more speed, Sandy less!)

Sunday, the girls awoke to find that the Easter Bilby had visited, and the carrot left out had been eaten, so apparently Bilbies like carrots as much as Bunnies. They discovered chocolate bilbies for each of them, then searched and found lots of eggs - plus, the Bilby had done something the Bunnie had never done - he left presents for Tim and Sandy as well! A chocolate bilby for Sandy and a chocolate fish for Tim.

Wednesday it was back to school after the long Easter weekend (five days for the girls, four for Tim). Sandy delivered the cross stitch projects to school, where they are now proudly displayed in the Year 3 classroom. As the end of Term 1 draws near, the Year 3 girls are busy preparing for several other events. They have been investigating the history of Wilderness School this term which involved searching through parts of the library and the school grounds, viewing old photographs in the school "drawing room," coming up with interview questions to ask several "Old Scholars" (alumnae), inviting the Old Scholars to come and visit, baking Anzac "biscuits" (cookies) for the Old Scholars, and then welcoming their visitors on Thursday. Next week the girls will be performing in a special concert for Grandparents' Day and welcoming more visitors.

We've been meaning to mention the various webcams available which broadcast live (or frequently updated pictures) of various parts of Adelaide. Unfortunately, a couple of the better down-town ones are off-line at the moment. There is still one available on top of the ABC building located northeast of the city (only a kilometer or so from Wilderness). It shows a view looking towards the city.

We got a few more pictures back - and, we finally broke down and got a digital camera as well. So, a few new pictures are posted on the Aussie pictures page. The Akubra picture was taken with a film camera, while the juggling and street pictures were taken digitally.

Note: now that Daylight Savings Time has kicked in for the US (or is about to in a few hours), the current time difference from the west coast of the US to South Australia is plus 16 1/2 hours or minus 7 1/2 hours plus a day, depending on how you prefer to think of it. You can click on the "current time in Adelaide" link below for the correct time.

April 8-27, 2002 - TASMANIA!: There haven't been any journal updates for the last (almost) 3 weeks, since we've been in Tasmania, and chose not to take a laptop with us. We had a wonderful time, and took nearly 400 (digital) pictures, which we are in the process of sorting through for inclusion here. Since there's so much to say about our trip, we made a special series of pages here. There is also a special Tassie pictures page, which is also reachable via a link on the Oz pictures page. There's so much to tell, and so many pictures to process, this is going to be a work-in-progress for a while. We'll be posting updated versions for the next few days (or weeks!) depending on how it goes, so keep checking back.

April 28, 2002 - More Tasmania: The Tasmania Trip page has been updated, as has the Tassie pictures page. This includes some corrections / additions of the pre-existing text, so you might want to re-read from the beginning.

April 29, 2002 - And More Tasmania: More updates.

April 30, 2002 - Back to School (And More Tasmania): Today it was back to school for Clara and Lucy. First day of Term 2, the begininng of winter term - so Clara wore her new winter wool unform - but the it was sunny with temperatures in the 70s (F) - so it's back to the summer uniform tomorrow! Also, there are more updates on the Tasmania page.

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