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We are a Seattle-based single malt scotch tasting group established in 1987. Our rallying cry was determined a few years after the group's inception, upon reading Single Malt Whiskies of Scotland for the Discriminating Imbiber, by James F. Harris and Mark H. Waymack. In their introduction, the authors (clearly kindred spirits) state in uisge beatha, illuminatio (or - through whisky, enlightenment...)

As time allows, some writings, pictures, tasting reports, book reviews, and other whisky-related trivia will be posted. The usual disclaimer about this being a work in progress applies...

"Through me is the way to the joy of peat reek and sherry fumes. Through me is the way to eternal appreciation of barley's finest hour. Through me is the way to join your brothers- and sisters-in-spirit in the search for the ultimate dram... Abandon all blends, you who enter!"

(above with apologies to Dante)

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