[Giant Murray Cod in Swan Hill]

Giant Antipodean Roadside Attractions

[Giant Koala - Dadswell Bridge, Victoria]

[Giant Murray Cod in Swan Hill]

[Lucy and Giant Rainbow Trout in Adaminaby]

[The Big Apple of Spreyton]

(Dadswell Bridge, Victoria)

Murray Cod
(Swan Hill, Victoria)

Rainbow Trout
(Adaminaby, New South Wales)

Big Apple
(Spreyton, Tasmania)

[Gumeracha Rocking Horse]

[The Giant Penguin of Penguin, Tasmania]

[Giant Kiwi (and only slightly larger than life Moa) - somewhere north of Wellington, New Zealand]

[Giant Boxing Croc of Humpty Doo]

Rocking Horse
(Gumaracha, South Australia)

The Giant Penguin
(Penguin, Tasmania)

Giant Kiwi
(and only slightly larger than life Moa)
(North of Wellington, New Zealand)

Giant Boxing Croc
(Humpty Doo, NT)

[Atherton Big Peanut]

[Giant Trouth at Rakaia (South Island, New Zealand)]

[Giant Paua Shell - Riverton]

[Gore - the 'Brown Trout Capitol of the World!']

Big Peanut
(near Atherton, Queensland)

(Rakaia, New Zealand)

Paua Shell
(Riverton, New Zealand)

Brown Trout
(Gore, New Zealand)

[Giant Scott at Scotty's Motel North Adelaide]

[Giant Winch in Coober Pedy]

Giant Scott
(North Adelaide, SA)

Giant Winch
(Coober Pedy, SA)

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